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Tips and Hints!
Hints and Tips No. 4   
Getting Your Bark Collar Up and Running

The most frustrating thing is getting a new product and it not working in the way you expected it to work. This can be the biggest problem with bark control collars; especially if you (and your neighbour’s) have been waiting for your bark control collar’s urgent arrival to stop your dog barking.

We rarely find a problem with any collar straight from the box or that the product is not suitable for the dog. Ninety-nine precent of calls or emails are usually due to the customer not being able to fit or place the collar on the dog correctly. 

All spray bark control collars and static electric bark control collars that are vibration activated require to be fitted on the dog’s neck correctly so that the collar can pick up the vibration from the dogs bark and in the case of the static collars so that the collar can deliver the correction to the dog. Fitting to the dog’s neck in colder winter months is always harder than in the summer months due to the thicker coat.

If you require more information about fitting a bark control collar correctly please read the How to fit a bark control collar properly in the article section.

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Extra Wire For My Containment System

How Much Extra Wire Do You Require?

Date Updated: 18 October 2009

Unless otherwise stated all Containment Systems come with 150metres of boundary wire.  You will need to add extra boundary kits (wire, training flags and joiners) if the area you need to cover exceeds the amount of wire that comes with your kit.  You may also need to add extra wire if you move to a larger block any time in the future.

The table below provides a guide as to how much wire you will need:


Size of Property and Wire Required

Area of Block (Acres)
Length Around Block in Metres
Number of Extra Kits*
Total Amount of Wire
1 255 1 300
2 365 2 450
3 440 2 450
4 510 3 600
5 570 3 600
6 630 4 750
7 680 4 750
8 725 4 750
9 765 5 900
10 805 5 900
11 845 5 900
12 880 5 900
13 920 6 1050
14 955 6 1050
15 990 6 1050
16 1020 6 1050
17 1045 6 1050
18 1080 7 1200
19 1110 7 1200
20 1140 7 1200

* this figure reresents extra boundary kits on top of the 150m that is included with most containment systems.  Check the wire included with the system that you are purchasing and make any necessary adjustments.  If you are moving an existing system to another property and need to rewire the new property add one extra kit to the total number.

The above figures are a guide only, based on a standard area containment.  Note the distance from the transmitter out to the boundary fence will also play a part in determining the overall wire required.   If you wish to add gardens, dams, chook pens etc to your overall layout plan, extra wire will be required.

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