Sportdog Tek GPS Tracking Systems

Author: Neil   Date Posted:9 December 2013 

The Long Wait is Over for a NZ legal GPS Dog Tracking system!!! Pre-Order Now!!!! Finally New Zealand has a LEGAL GPS Tracking System.

Finally New Zealand has a LEGAL GPS Tracking System.

After a long wait the Sportdog Tek GPS Dog Tracking system is now available in 2 models:

Sportdog Tek GPS Locate Only: Perfect for long range tracking of up to 12 dogs at one time off of one hand piece.

Sportdog Tek GPS Track & Train GPS: Which is the locate module as well as a remote training feature built in.

All collars will come with a Free Metal Protective Case for added protection.

The Sportdog Tek allows you to mix and match the collars to expand your system.

Also coming soon Ridgeline rip collars with double thickness, heavy nylon webbing pouch to house and protect your tracking collar and more importantly dog.

Pre-order now to receive free postage. Available to be shipped out week ending 13th December!!

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