HoundHouse Original Canvas Kennel - Green


Sleep is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. The HoundHouse is the World's highest quality canvas dog kennel designed to give your dog a cozy shelter to rest and sleep while having protection from the natural elements all year round.

HoundHouse Quality Materials

The HoundHouse is manufactured with marine grade, waterproof canvas. During the cooler seasons, the canvas will contract, providing a barrier from crispy drafts while keeping the inside of the HoundHouse insulated with warm air inside to ensure your pet remains snug. During the warmer seasons, the canvas expands allowing cool air to flow through and maintain well ventilated.

Comfortable flooring

Its innovative design and superior materials ensure that the HoundHouse is comfortable for all dogs. The floor is made of flexible PVC, designed to flex as the dog lays on it, however will not sink or stretch after multiple uses. Included with the HoundHouse is a canvas mat with a soft foam core that can be tied to the kennel for extra comfort. The canvas mat is scratch proof and is suitable for all dogs - particularly dog dogs experiencing joint pains. The sfot foam eases the pressure off your dog's joints and muscles for the ultimate comfort.


Good hygiene is essential for pets and their owners, Naturally hair and dirt may build up in the kennel over time and cleaning is made easy! A quick sweep with a dustpan brush and a rinse down with the hose will remove all unwanted hair and bacteria, further reducing places for fleas and ticks to hide and breed. The canvas' large weave prevents flea eggs from hatching, preventing further growth in the flea life cycle.


The HoundHouse Dog Kennel is lightweight and easy to set up, store and dismantle - perfect for any trip away with your pet. Treat your HoundHouse with a canvas waterproofing spray every 12 months to keep the kennel waterproof and fresh for up to 10 years!

To determine which HoundHouse size is best for your dog, please view the sizing chart below. 

How to measure your dog: Measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail when they are lying down. Select the HoundHouse size that fits their measurements. If you're in doubt between two sizes, we recommend selecting the larger HoundHouse size. If you have any questions regarding a HoundHouse size for your dog, feel free to give us a call on 0800 144 869.

HoundHouse Size HoundHouse Dimensions (L x W x H)  Suitable dog breeds (guide only)
Medium 63cm x 57cm x 63cm Small Breeds: Bulldog, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles, Yorkshire Terrier
Large 85cm x 72cm x 75cm Medium Breeds: Whippet, Kelpie, Cattle Dog, Staffy
Extra Large 103cm x 82cm x 91cm Large - Giant Breeds: German Shepherd, Greyhound (large breed), Rottweiler, St Benard, Husky, Great Dane, Labador, Golden Retriever



  • Sturdy steel frame and superior quality marine canvas
  • Tie in, scratch proof, canvas mat with a soft foam core
  • Natural insulation and ventilation suitable for all seasons
  • Perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Made in Australia!

  • HoundHouse Green Canvas Dog Kennel
  • Scratch-proof tie in canvas mat
  • Storage Bag


Please Note: Owners are responsible for their pet's behaviour and safety. The HoundHouse is treated with a non-toxic wax glaze to weatherproof the material, this also makes the fabric scratch resistant and unpleasant to taste. If your pet tries to chew the HoundHouse, consider training your pet to stop them and encourage them to chew only dog chew toys or treats.


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  • 3 month manufacturer warranty