Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness

The Julius K9 IDC Powerharness is a comfortable dog harness designed for pet dogs and working dogs around the world. Its ergonomic design distributes pressure across the strongest part of your dog's body preventing any injuries that may occur from using a standard neck collar. The harness is available in various colours and sizes to suit all dog breeds from tiny to large. Please ensure to measure your dog correctly before purchasing the IDC Powerharness. Sizing guide below.

Additional Powerharness Accessories

Julius K9 Sidebags - Enjoy a hands-free walk by placing your phone, cash and keys in a convenient Julius K9 Sidebag! The sidebag can be attached to your dog's IDC Powerharness or strapped around your belt loops on your jeans. Available in 4 colours! Click here to read more!

Julius K9 Pressure Distribution Chest Pad - The Pressure Distribution Chest Pad attaches to the front of your dog's harness and maintains a perfect load balance during walks or working activities. Suitable for all harness sizes. Click here for more!

Harness Labels - Personalise your dog's harness with a label that suits them! MAD DOG, PRINCESS, HOT DOG, THERAPY DOG and ASSISTANCE DOG are a few of the labels you can expect to find! To see the entire list of label names, click here!

Click here for a guide on how to properly measure your dog and fit your dog's harness.

  • Innovative and stylish harness suitable for all dogs
  • Suitable for pet dogs and working dogs
  • Manufactured with a breathable, skin-friendly lining
  • Made of water-repellent nylon material
  • Steel ring with sturdy construction
  • Features heavy-duty buckles tensile tested up to 300kg
  • Features reflective stitching for a higher level of visibility during low light hours
  • JULIUS K9 harness labels glow in the dark
  • The IDC Powerharness is available in a range of sizes to suit all breeds
  • Available in 7 colours, including camouflage!



powerharness strenght testedHeavy Duty Buckles

High-quality buckles tensile tested up to 350kg ensure the harness is durable in all scenarios.

powerharness ergonically perfectPerfect Ergonomics

The Powerharness chest strap spreads pressure across the strongest part of your dog's body and runs parallel to your lead for ultimate control.

Breathable skin friendly linerBreathable Inner Liner

The OEKO-Tex inner liner is manufactured to human clothing specifications allowing your dog's skin to breathe.

powerharness reflective Reflective Strips

The reflective chest straps, stitching and Julius K9 labels provide you and your dog with increased visibility during low light hours.

powerharness side bagsSidebag Fixing Option

 Sidebags (Saddlebags) by Julius K9 can be attached to your dog's harness or your belt loops for a hands-free walk while carrying your belongings with you! 

powerharness removable patchesRemovable Hook and Loop Labels

Customise your dog's harness with labels by Julius K9! Working dog labels and funky labels available.


Correct Sizing Video


Taking your Dog's Measurements Correctly

Taking thorough measurements of your dog is essential for selecting the correct harness size. The correct harness size is determined by your dog's chest girth measurement (as seen in the diagram below) - place four fingers behind your dog's front legs and measure around your dog's body from that point.

Optimum Load Distribution
Based on mathematical equations, each IDC Powerharness size has a high-quality chest strap designed with a specific size and angle for effective load distribution.

Sizing Guide

Dog harness size Chest circumference Weight of the dog
Baby 1 29 - 36 cm 0.8 - 3 kg
Baby 2 33 - 45 cm 2 - 5 kg
Mini-mini 40 - 53 cm 4 - 7 kg
Mini 49 - 67 cm 7 - 15 kg
0 58 - 76 cm 14 - 25 kg
1 63 - 85 cm 23 - 30 kg
2 71 - 96 cm 28 - 40 kg
3 82 - 115 cm 40 - 70 kg
4 96 - 138cm 70 - 90 kg


Fitting the Harness on your Dog

It is important to ensure that the chest strap and lower strap are adjusted correctly. An improper fitting may cause discomfort or injury.

If the harness is fitted too tight, the buckle rubs against the dog's skin near the armpit area which may lead to chafing. If the harness straps are too loose, your dog may be able to slide out of the harness by backing out of it.

Correct Fitting

Once the harness is on your dog, you should be able to fit your fingers between the harness and your dogs back. A properly fitted harness will keep you in control while no unnecessary pressure is applied to other parts of your dog's body.


Please Note - some differences exist between the range:

  • 2 Torch holders available on size 1-3
  • 1 Torch holder available on size 0
  • No torch holders available on size mini-mini, mini, baby 2 and baby 1
  • Rubber strap to close handle not available on sizes mini-mini, mini, baby 2 and baby1
  • Large sidebag fixing option only available for sizes 0-3
  • 1 x Julius K9 IDC Powerharness
  • 2 x JULIUS K9 Patches

Click the image below to view the Julius K9 Harness Measuring Guide


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