In-Ground Fence Staples

One of the biggest misconceptions about fence systems is that the wire needs to be buried under the ground. Fortunately, this is not the case. The containment fence wire can be attached to an existing fence, stapled into the ground or buried under the ground.

Fence staples are a great, simple way to secure your fence wire in place. Each pack comes with 100 staples and 100 Staples is enough to cover approximately 150m of wire. 

Please note: If there's an area that is heavily used by animals, vehicles or tractors, we recommend burying the wire 10cm - 15cm underground to avoid any breaks or damage to the wire.


Installation Steps: 

Step 1. Prepare the area by mowing the grass as low as possible. You will need to place the wire directly on the ground to allow the grass roots to grow over the wire. 

Step 2. Set up your fence transmitter and run the wire out to the desired boundary edge.

Step 3. Staple the beginning point.

Step 4. Continue to roll out the wire and place a staple in the ground every 1.5m. Do this until you return back to the twisted wire.

Step 5. Place staples on the twisted wire.

Step 6. Inspect the wire once it's all laid out to ensure the wire is touching the ground. You may need more staples in some areas.


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