DogWatch No Bark Trainer BT-7

The DogWatch BT-7 is the new standard in high quality bark collars.The advanced no bark collar is an effective barking solution for timid to stubborn pet dogs and working dogs above 5kgs. The DogWatch BT-7 is able to deliver static corrections at a level you set, or alternatively, the module has a 'progressive' setting which delivers vibrating and static corrections. Additionally, the BT-7 collar module features a bark counter to keep track of your dog's barking while you're away. The system is lightweight, durable, waterproof, rechargeable and has a long lasting battery life.

(Based on adult dogs)

The DogWatch BT-7 is a comfortable unit for dogs from 5kgs and the correction range is suitable for dogs with mild to stubborn temperaments. Suitable breeds include but are not limited to the following:

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Beagle
  • Border Collie
  • Bull Arab
  • Bull Terrier
  • Fox Terrier
  • Golden Retriever
  • GSP
  • Husky/Malamute
  • Jack Russell
  • Kelpie
  • Labrador
  • Poodle x 
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Schnauzer
  • Staffy
  • Weimaraner

The DogWatch BT-7 No Bark Collar is designed with a built-in vibration sensor that picks up the vibration of your dog's vocal cords when they bark. When your dog barks, the collar activates and delivers a correction through the contact probes to effectively control excessive barking. The collar features 5 levels of static stimulation and a vibration only option.

Module Dial Settings:
The dial on the bark collar module has the following settings:

Dial Setting Setting Description
O Off
V Vibration Mode - The vibration only mode is a progressive setting which begins at the lowest vibration level the intensity is increased each time your dog barks. After 3 minutes of silence, the collar will return to the lowest level of vibration intensity.
Levels 1-5 Manually Set Static Stimulations - Levels 1 - 5 deliver static corrections at the intensity you choose (1 = lowest, 5 = highest). Each level has 3 automatically increasing intensities if your dog continues to bark. After 3 minutes of silence, it will reset to the lowest intensity at the level you choose.
P Progressive Mode - The progressive mode automatically increases the correction levels as your dog continues to bark. The module will deliver corrections, starting at the lowest vibration setting and increase through to the static corrections. After 3 minutes of silence, the module with reset to the lowest vibration setting.


Bark Counter Feature:
The built-in bark counter indicates the number of times the collar has been activated since it was last turned off. To accurately see the number of times the collar is activated while you're gone, turn the unit off then back on before you leave, and when you return, switch the unit off and keep an eye on the LED Status Light (found on the top of the unit). The following amount of flashes indicate how often corrections have been delivered.

2 Flashes: 1-5 Corrections
3 Flashes: 6-10 Corrections
4 Flashes: 11- 15 Corrections
5 Flashes: 15+ Corrections

*Please note: If the collar flashes more than 2 or 3 times, ensure that the collar is fitted correctly. If your dog continues to bark, increase the intensity of the correction one level at a time.


  • Advanced system suitable for most dogs
  • Manual or automatic correction settings
  • Features a vibration only mode
  • Features a built-in barking counter
  • Lightweight, durable design
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Battery indicator light
  • Great battery life - 3 months use from a 4-hour charge

  • When the collar is set to 'progressive correction mode' and your dog starts barking, the collar will deliver vibrations first then proceed to static stimulations matching your dog's drive. To avoid the vibration modes, simply manually set the collar to an appopriate level for your dog.
  • When manually setting your dog's bark control collar, ensure that the collar is fitted correctly and you begin at the lowest level, gradually increasing the intensity until you find a correction level that matches your dog's drive.

  • 1 x DogWatch No Bark Trainer BT-7 Collar Module
  • 1 x 3/4" Strap with Metal Buckle
  • 1x Collar Charger
  • 1 x Long Coat Probes
  • 1 x Operating Manual

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 0800 144 869.


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  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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