Bark Collars by Breed Guide

Bark Collars By Dog Breed

We receive a lot of requests from customers, here at K9 Control New Zealand, enquiring about the most suitable collar for their dog. We have put together a list of dogs that we find are asked about quite often and have allocated the most suitable bark collars for best results. If there is a breed of dog you know of, which you believe should be on the list, please get in touch with us so that we can add it.

Using the Chart

Please take into account that this is a guide only. All breeds of dogs are different, if your dog is particularly timid or stubborn it may be best to have a chat to one of our experts before purchasing a barking collar. All of the below recommendations are based on healthy adult dogs. Again if you have a younger or older dog with a barking problem we recommend contacting us on 0800 144 869.

With mixed breed owners we recommend always choosing a collar based on the dogs most dominant breed in the mix, to ensure you get the most suitable collar for your dogs size.  Mixed breeds like Labradoodles come in a range of different sizes so it is also important to choose a collar that will best suit the size of the dog.

All of the collars for the breeds below are the most suitable, not the cheapest. If the collars are not within your price range, please be sure to contact us and we can advise a collar that will suit your budget.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at: 0800 144 869

Dog Breed:Akita
Recommendations:Not renowned as a barker. Electric collars are the preferred option for this breed as they can be a very headstrong/stubborn dog
Dog Breed:Alaskan Malamute
Recommendations:Known for its loud howl, not for its barking. The Alaskan Malamute is a strong and very dominant breed so the electric bark collars are the perfect choice.
Dog Breed:Aussie Bulldog
Recommendations:A strong and energetic dog - when experiencing barking issues, we find they are more responsive to an electric barking collar.
Dog Breed:Aussie Shepherd
Recommendations:Aussie Shepherd's have the strong temperament of a working dog and are not known for barking excessively. We recommend using a static electric collar for Aussie Shepherds rather than Citronella Spray collars as their long coat may stop the spray from reaching their muzzle.
Dog Breed:Beagle
Recommendations:Excessive barking is very common with this popular breed of dog. We recommend using an electric collar as they can be quite headstrong and determined.
Dog Breed:Belgian Malinois
Recommendations:Electric collars are recommended for this highly intelligent working breed dog.
Dog Breed:Bichon Frise
Recommendations:Popular and affectionate. The very intelligent companion dog may develop into a strong yapper - Either Citronella or Static bark collars are suitable for the Bichon Frise.
Dog Breed:Blue Heeler / Aussie Cattle
Recommendations:Blue Heelers/Aussie Cattle dogs are a stubborn, energetic and determined working breed. We recommend to only use a static collar when barking is excessive.
Dog Breed:Border Collie / New Zealand Heading Dog
Recommendations:The Border Collie / NZ Heading Dog's are an extremely energetic and agile working breed dogs. We recommend using a static collar on Border Collies as running and barking makes citronella spray collars ineffective.
Dog Breed:Boxer
Recommendations:An extremely intelligent and boisterous dog breed. Citronella Spray may be effective on timid boxers however a manually set static collar is recommended for more stubborn boxers.
Dog Breed:Bull Arab
Recommendations:Stubborn and headstrong - anything less than a static electric bark collar is not recommended.
Dog Breed:Bull Mastiff
Recommendations:Static bark collars are the most reliable and effective option for Bull Mastiffs - especially hunting and guard dogs.
Dog Breed:Bull Terrier
Recommendations:Not a big barking customer, and although the Bull Terrier is very loyal, their headstrong and stubborn personality requires them to wear a static collar if barking is an issue.
Dog Breed:Cairn Terrier
Recommendations:Loveable, lively pet dog that tends to develop defensive barking. If your dog is not running or chasing while barking, citronella spray collars can be successful.
Dog Breed:Cavalier King Charles
Recommendations:Another loveable pet dog that can be quite responsive to citronella spray bark collars. A manually set static collar may be a better option for more stubborn Cavaliers.
Dog Breed:Chihuahua / Toy Breeds
Recommendations:Although Chihuahuas are one of the most common barker's, effective options are limited due to their small size. Static and Citronella Spray options are available. For more timid Chihuahuas, Citronella is recommended, and for more stubborn barkers, a static collar will be more effective.
Dog Breed:Cocker Spaniel
Recommendations:The Cocker Spaniel has had effective success with Citronella spray collars, however if your dog is more stubborn, we recommend a manually set static collar.
Dog Breed:Corgi
Recommendations:Generally, Citronella Spray collars are effective, however a manually set static collar is recommended for more persistent barkers.
Dog Breed:Dachshund
Recommendations:Dachsunds can be stubborn little barkers! Citronella Spray collars are effective on these dogs, particularly if they're not running and barking. Otherwise a manually set static collar is a more effective alternative.
Dog Breed:Dalmation
Recommendations:Static electric bark collars are recommended for this energetic and excitable breed.
Dog Breed:Doberman
Recommendations:Dobermans can be very loud with their excessive barking. Electric collars are strongly recommended for this stubborn breed dog.
Dog Breed:Fox Terrier
Recommendations:A very energetic and sometimes very determined little barker. Don't be fooled by its small size, an electric collar is normally required for this little breed, especially for territorial barking.
Dog Breed:French Bulldog
Recommendations:A manually set static barking collar is often required for excessive barking from a French Bulldog.
Dog Breed:German Shepherd
Recommendations:Fearless, tough and extremely smart, static collars are always the best choice for this breed.
Dog Breed:Golden Retriever / Retrievers
Recommendations:We have had some success with the use of Citronella Spray collars on retrievers however electric collars are our preferred choice for this breed.
Dog Breed:Great Dane
Recommendations:An electric collar is preferred to distract the gentle giant from barking however we have had success with citronella spray collars on timid dogs in the past.
Dog Breed:Greyhound
Recommendations:This pet dog is not known for excessive barking however if it is an issue, Static or Citronella spray collars are just as effective as each other - for more stubborn dogs, static is recommended.
Dog Breed:GSP
Recommendations:Extremely popular hunting dog that can be quite vocal. We recommend static electric collars.
Dog Breed:Hungarian Vizsla
Recommendations:Gentle by nature, yet a popular hunting dog that has a big bark. Static collars are always a recommended choice for this breed.
Dog Breed:Huntaway
Recommendations:Popular farming dog which is normally trainer to herd by barking. Barking can be a huge issue if the dog is not trained properly. Electric bark collars are the most effective choice for Huntaways.
Dog Breed:Irish Wolfhound
Recommendations:The Irish Worlfhound is a gentle giant that is not normally much of a barker. If mixed with another breed, they can have a loud deep bark. Static collars are best for this breed.
Dog Breed:Jack Russel
Recommendations:Static collars are definitely recommended for Jack Russels. Their hunting and chasing nature is no match for Citronella Spray Bark collars.
Dog Breed:Japanese Spitz
Recommendations:Known for its territorial barking, having this dog on a busy road can cause problems with the neighbours. Spray collars can be effective however, if stubborn, we recommend a manually set static electric bark collar.
Dog Breed:Kelpie
Recommendations:Australian working farm dog. Loyal and strong dog that likes to bark. Static bark collars are the best solution.
Dog Breed:Labrador
Recommendations:Electric collars are our preferred choice for labradors however citronella spray collars are known to be effective on more timid barking dogs.
Dog Breed:Lhasa Apso
Recommendations:Known to be a strong yapper, intelligent and affectionate. Citronella collars are effective in some instnaces however the use of a manual set static electric collar is the most ideal method of correction.
Dog Breed:Maltese
Recommendations:Extremely popular pet breed that has a tendancy to become a yapper. Citronella collars are effective in more timid dogs, however static electric collars are the preferred method of correction.
Dog Breed:Maremma Sheepdog
Recommendations:A very stubborn breed that knows how to bark. A good quality, strong electric bark collar is always the most effective option for bark control.
Dog Breed:Neapolitan Mastiff
Recommendations:Known for its strong minded, protective territorial instincts, electric collars are always the best option.
Dog Breed:Pomeranian
Recommendations:Static or Citronella Collars are both effective on small sized dogs, however if you have a dog with a long coat, a satic electric collar will deliver better results.
Dog Breed:Poodle (standard)
Recommendations:With so many different variances in the Poodle breed, we have had success with spray and electric bark collars. If your dog is stubborn, a manually set electric collar is your best option. Citronella Spray works effectively on timid dogs and smaller poodles.
Dog Breed:Pug
Recommendations:Pugs are loveable pet dogs that can show effective results with use from a spray collar however if your pug is more stubborn, a manually set static collar will deliver the best results.
Dog Breed:Rhodesian Ridgeback
Recommendations:Don't judge a book by its cover! Even with its big, strong build, surprisingly their bark can be controlled with a citronella collar on occasions. We still find that a manually set electric collar is the best method in most cases.
Dog Breed:Rottweiler
Recommendations:A stubborn and extremely strong willed breed. Throw territorial behaviour in the mix and this makes the perfect guard dog. Electric collars are the recommended option for Rottweilers.
Dog Breed:Samoyed
Recommendations:Manually set static electric bark collars are the best choice for these long haired dog.
Dog Breed:Schnauzer (standard)
Recommendations:Due to Schnauzers varying in size, it's best to choose a collar relative to its size. If your dog is timid, a Citronella collar will be effective however a static collar is preferred.
Dog Breed:Shih Tzu
Recommendations:An extremely popular pet breed that has a tendency to become a yapper. Static electric collars are recommended for most Shih Tzus however Citronella Spray collars are effective for more timid dogs.
Dog Breed:Siberian Husky
Recommendations:Known for its howling, a sound activated Citronella collar or sensitive electric collar are the most effective options for the Husky,
Dog Breed:Staffordshire Terrier
Recommendations:A very social dog that suffers from separation anxiety when home alone. The best option is always an electric collar.
Dog Breed:Weimaraner
Recommendations:Very vocal, popular hunting dog. A Static collar is recommended.
Dog Breed:Whippet
Recommendations:Sensitive breed of dog - Spray collars are effective however if your Whippet is more stubborn, you may want to consider a manually set Electric barking collar

* Only recommended if you have one barking dog.  If you have several barking dogs please select an alternative bark collar.

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