Electric Dog Fences

New Zealand's Most Reliable Dog Fence Systems

K9 Control New Zealand stops your dog escaping - fast. Keep your dog safe in your yard with our dog containment solutions. 

  • We carry the best fence brands with THREE YEAR WARRANTIES
  • Fences are available for dogs as small as 3kg, all the way up to large, stubborn breed dogs
  • Stop your escaping dog now! For expert advice, call us on 0800 144 869
Electric Dog Fences Containment Hidden NZ

Electric Dog Fences - Keep Your Dog Safe

By introducing a quality dog fence, your previously escaping dog no longer runs the risk of being hit by a car, getting injured, causing damage, or the expensive fees of being picked up from animal control. 

Petsafe Little Dog Containment System

Only the Best Brands in Electric Dog Fence Systems

To assist you, we only carry the best in electric dog fence systems from recognised brands, like Innotek, SportDog and PetSafe. Along with our great dog containment system products, we offer expert advice to help you in selecting the right dog fence for your dog and property requirements.


Sportdog Stubborn Dog Fence System
Additional Collar for PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Fence System - PIG22-11869

Electric Dog Fences - How Do They Work?

The electric dog fence is also known as a dog containment system, hidden fence, invisible dog fence and in-ground dog fence. They are all designed to keep your dog safely on your property through a containment system consisting of a transmitter, collar and wire. The transmitter sends a radio signal through the wire back to the transmitter. Your dog wears a collar that responds to the radio signal, when your dog gets too close to the dog fence the collar gives a warning tone. If your dog ignores the tone and continues towards the boundary, the dog fence collar will give a static correction. To learn more, scroll to the bottom of this page to read our most frequently asked questions regarding electric dog fences.

Additional Collar for SportDog Stubborn Dog Fence System - SDF-R

Experts in Electric Dog Fences

If you would like more information regarding electric dog fences, please read our article, Electric Dog Fences and Containment Systems to learn more about fence systems and their components, and how to use the containment systems in easy to follow steps. If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our Electric Dog Fence Experts.

To learn more about which fence would be best for your dog and property, read Making sure you Choose the Right Electric Dog Fence. We are also here to help with any questions, please call us on 0800 144 869.

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