Dog Fence FAQS

1. How Does an Electric Dog Fence Work?

Components & Layout

Electric dog fences have 3 main components; the transmitter, wire and receiver collar.

Your transmitter needs to be plugged into a powerpoint (somewhere out of the weather). From here, you run the boundary wire from the transmitter, around the boundary area, and back to the transmitter.

Radio Signal & Stimulation Zones

The transmitter continuously sends a radio signal through the wire. The wire carries this radio signal around the boundary you've created. The radio signal is emitted into the yard and creates two invisible zones; A warning zone and a stimulation zone.

Your Dog's Receiver Collar

Your dog wears a fence receiver collar that communicates with the radio signal emitted from the wire. When your dog approaches the boundary and enters the warning zone, the collar will deliver an audible tone to let them know they're at the boundary.

If your dog ignores this warning tone and proceeds towards the boundary wire, the collar will deliver a static stimulation through the contact probes reminding your dog to retreat back into the safe zone. With consistent use, your dog will learn not to test the boundary.

Why Dog Fences are the Best Form of Containment

Containment fence systems are the most reliable form of dog containment because there is no way your dog can dig, jump or chew their way out.

2. How Old Does my Dog Have to be to Use the Containment Fence?

We recommend containment fence system for dogs above 6 months old. If your dog is under 6 months old, please give us a call on 0800 144 869 and we can go over your options with you.

3. Can I Add More Dogs to the System?

Of course! You can add an unlimited number of pets to the system providing they are wearing compatible receiver collars.

4. What if I Have a Small dog and a Large Dog?

That's completely fine. All containment fence systems include one receiver collar. You just need to make sure the receiver collar included with the system you're looking to purchase fits one of the dogs. For your other dog, you simply need to choose an additional receiver collar compatible with your fencing system.

You can either:

Purchase a big dog containment fence system and purchase an additional small dog receiver collar.


Purchase a little dog containment fence system and purchase an additional big dog receiver collar.

You'll just need to make sure the additional receiver collars are compatible with your containment fence system.

5. I Have an Acreage property. Are there Containment Fence Systems that will Cover the area?

Absolutely! We have containment fence systems that cover up to 150 acres. Most fence systems include 150m of wire or 300m of wire. If you need to expand your fencing system, you will need to purchase additional wire boundary kits.

6. How Much Additional Wire do I Need?

Use our wire chart to determine how much wire you need to cover your entire boundary.

7. Does the wire Have to be Buried?

No it doesn't. You can set up the wire however you like. You can use zip ties to connect the wire to existing fencing, you can attach the wire to the surface using fence staples (be careful not to mow over it) or you can bury the wire under the ground (around 10cm underneath the surface).


Driveways & Stock Crossings

The only time we do recommend burying the wire is across driveways, stock crossings, and other heavily used areas. This will help protect the wire. You can place the wire inside of a conduit or old garden hose and bury it underneath the surface.


Colorbond/Colorsteel Fencing

AM Signal Fence:

If you have Colorbond fencing or materials on your property, you will need to place the wire at least 1.5m away from the sheet metal. If the wire is closer than 1.5m, interference may occur.

FM Signal Fence:

The DogWatch 1200FMD is the only fence that can have the wire close to or attached to Colorbond/Colorsteel.

8. Is it Safe to Touch the Wire?

Yes! During rain, hail or shine, the wire is completely safe to touch making it safe for people (especially children) and wildlife. The containment fence wire does not send any electrical currents, it only emits a radio signal.

9. Is the Wire Okay to be left in the rain?

It sure is. It's waterproof and is still safe to touch even in wet weather.

10. Will the Electric Shock Harm my Dog?


No. Static electric collars are completely safe and effective when used correctly.

Static electric fence collars (from reputable manufacturers) deliver a momentary static stimulation at an output level less than 2% of what is required to create any type of thermal burn.


These collars work like a tens machine stimulating your pet's muscles. This muscle stimulation sensation your dog feels is similar to the sensation you get when you rub your feet along carpet and touch a metal door handle. While the feeling is unpleasant, it's physically impossible for the collar to create any physical harm.

We do need to emphasise that when you introduce the collar to your dog, you need to start the collar on the lowest level (level 1) and work your way up to a level that matches your dog's drive. The reaction you should see from your dog is an ear flick or head twitch.

11. What does the Shock Feel Like?

This muscle stimulation sensation your dog feels is similar to the sensation you get when you rub your feet along carpet and touch a metal door handle. Your dog feels even less than we do because they don't have sweat glands on the surface of their skin.

12. How Do I Fit the Collar on my Dog?

The collar needs to be fitted tighter than a standard neck collar. The collar needs to be fitted high up on your dog's neck and adjusted tight enough so that you can't move it side to side. Once it's in the correct position, give the module a quick shake up and down to shuffle the probes through your dog's fur and touching their skin.

13. Can my dog's collar be left on when it's raining or when my dog is swimming?

Yes! As long as the receiver collar is waterproof, fence receiver collars are completely safe for your dog to wear their receiver collar when it's raining or in water. The static stimulation will not electrocute your dog.

14. Will the Collar Fit my Dog?

Receiver collars are available in sizes to fit dogs from 2.5kg all the way up to dogs 100kg+. If your dog is above 2.5kg, there's a fence collar for your dog!

15. Can My Dog Wear the Dog Fencing Collar 24/7?

We recommend that your dog wears the fence collar for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day. When the collar is on your dog, we recommend moving the collar around to different parts of your dog's neck when possible.

If the collar is left on for extended periods of time, a pressure sore known as pressure necrosis may develop. This is why it's important to let your dog's skin breathe.

If you need to keep the receiver collar on your dog for longer periods of time, you can safely do so with the addition of an SCG-24 Hour Surface Conductor Grid on your dog's receiver collar.

16. Is There Any Training Involved When Using a Dog Containment System?

Yes. The training process is the most important part of any training system and you must complete the training in order for the containment fence system to work successfully. The training process teaches your dog how to respond to the warning tone and static correction when they approach the boundary.

Step 1. Get your dog used to wearing the collar

Step 2. Teach your dog how to respond to the warning tone.

Step 3. Teach your dog how to respond to the static stimulation.

Step 4. Add distractions.

If your dog is not taught how to respond properly to the system, your dog may get the static correction, get a small fright and bolt to the other side of the boundary. Once they're on the other side of the boundary, they won't enter back into the yard because they'll receive a static stimulation as they approach the boundary. Going through the simple training steps prevents this from happening.

17. How Does My Dog Learn Where the Boundary Is?

Included with your containment fence is a set of flags. Before you train your dog, you will need to lay these flags around the boundary area where the warning tone goes off. This gives your dog a visual indication of the boundary. Through repetition and consistency with your training, your dog will learn to respond to the warning tone and static stimulation. Once this has been achieved, you can remove the flags.

18. Which Dog Containment System is Best for My Dog?

Choosing the right electric dog fence depends on the size of the area you need to cover, your dog’s breed, age, weight/size and their temperament. This will ensure that you get the best-sized collar for your dog. To select which containment fence is best for your dog, we recommend reading our article, “Choosing the Right Electric Dog Fence For Your Dog”.

19. Can I use the Fence to Contain Animals other than Dogs?

Yes! We've had people use containment fence systems on horses, alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, geese, cows, pigs, and more! If you need a containment fence system for animals other than dogs, feel free to give us a call and we'll let you know what's best for your type of animal.

20. Do you Have Warranties on your Fences?

We sure do! All dog containment fence systems are covered under a 3-year warranty. For more information, please read our Warranties & Guarantees Page.

Please Note: Do not trust companies that do not have warranties on their products.

21. What are Reliable Containment Fence Brands?

PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, DogWatch and Innotek (Innotek has now been discontinued).

DO NOT purchase dog containment fence systems from unauthorised retailers. These cheap containment fence systems are sold anywhere between $20 and $150 and have NOT been tested safe for dogs. The parts are made from cheap materials and electronics. The wire can be snapped easily, receiver collars deliver false activations, and the transmitters are not up to the industry standard. We don't stock them for a reason and we urge you to steer clear from these products and companies. If you have any questions regarding fence brand reliability, feel free to call us on 0800 144 869.

Rest assured, anything you purchase form K9 Control is safe, effective and covered under warranty.