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Common Dog Fence Layouts Videos

31st May 2024

Bark Collars By Breed Chart

If you're asking yourself "What is the best bark collar is best for my dog?" you've come to the righ

31st May 2024

Additional Wire Chart For Dog Fences

Unless otherwise stated, all dog containment systems come with 150 metres of boundary wire. If you n

31st May 2024

Bark Control Collars - How To Fit One Properly

The importance of fitting the collar properly.We often have people contact us, concerned that their

31st May 2024

Bark Collar Basics

A bark collar is a device designed to deter a dog from barking by providing negative stimulation. Th

31st May 2024

Electric Dog Fences and Containment Systems - The Basics

Dog containment systems, also known as electric dog fencing, invisible dog fencing or in-ground radi

31st May 2024

Popular Dog Fencing Layouts

On this page are the most popular fencing system layouts. All of our containment fences are easy D.I


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