HoundHouse Dog Kennels Have Just Arrived!

The World's Best Dog Kennel

The HoundHouse Dog Kennel is the world's best dog kennel, and once we go through a few of the features it's easy to understand why.

Dog Kennels are designed for two things; shelter, and comfort.



Let's start with the shelter side of things. The HoundHouse has a marine-grade canvas hood. During warm weather, the canvas naturally expands allowing air to flow through and during cool weather, the canvas naturally contracts, insulating warm air in  your dog's sleeping area. During wet weather, water beads off the hood. And we're only just getting started!

The HoundHouse can be placed outdoors, indoors or in a verandah area The choice is yours. The kennel comes with anti-slip feet for secure placement where ever you decide.



The HoundHouse is available in 3 sizes for small to giant dogs.

Included with your HoundHouse purchase is a mat that fits inside your dog's kennel. This mat features a soft-foam core offering gentle support for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. The surface material is made from the same marine-grade canvas as the HoundHouse Hood. The mat is scratch-proof and includes ties on each corner for you to secure in place.

The HoundHouse floor is raised off the ground and acts as your dog's personal hammock. Over time, the mesh base will stretch over time but will never sag.


Let's not Forget: Convenience & Durability

The HoundHouse is easy to setup and dismantle making it a popular choice for camping and day trips. With proper care, the HoundHouse has a verandah life of up to 10 years!

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