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Tips and Hints!
Hints and Tips No. 4   
Getting Your Bark Collar Up and Running

The most frustrating thing is getting a new product and it not working in the way you expected it to work. This can be the biggest problem with bark control collars; especially if you (and your neighbour’s) have been waiting for your bark control collar’s urgent arrival to stop your dog barking.

We rarely find a problem with any collar straight from the box or that the product is not suitable for the dog. Ninety-nine precent of calls or emails are usually due to the customer not being able to fit or place the collar on the dog correctly. 

All spray bark control collars and static electric bark control collars that are vibration activated require to be fitted on the dog’s neck correctly so that the collar can pick up the vibration from the dogs bark and in the case of the static collars so that the collar can deliver the correction to the dog. Fitting to the dog’s neck in colder winter months is always harder than in the summer months due to the thicker coat.

If you require more information about fitting a bark control collar correctly please read the How to fit a bark control collar properly in the article section.

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Thank you for visiting the K9 Control. As an industry leader in New Zealand, our goal is to provide you with real solutions when selecting the right anti bark collar, electric dog fence or remote dog training collar.  At K9 Control we only carry trusted and reputable industry brands. K9 Control's quality dog and pet training products include:

If you need a bark collar, electric dog fence or remote dog training collar,
get results with K9 Control NZ!!

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Why Choose K9Control?

Bark Collar

How to Stop Dog barking can be quite a problem. Potentially it can involve neighbour complaints and local authorities. To avoid this stress and obtain proven results, look at our extensive bark collar range.

We have a barking collar for the smallest yapper right through to something for the most head strong, large dog. The breed, age, weight and temperament of your dog will all factor into the selecting the right bark collar. Please feel free to call us if you need advice in choosing the right barking collar, 0800 144 869.

We carry Innotek and PetSafe Citronella Collar models. A Spray Collar is a good choice for most dog barking, especially those that do a lot of sniffing around the yard.
Our large electric bark collar range includes battery operated and rechargeable bark collar models. This type of bark co
llar has a higher success rate than citronella collar or ultrasonic bark control.

We only stock trusted brands that have proven results in terms of reliability, performance and customer service. This includes Innotek, SportDOG, PetSafe and Dogtra. Buy with confidence in the knowledge that we carry the batteries to citronella collar refills.

To assist you in choosing the correct bark collar for your dog barking, we have buying guides and bark collar articles.  Buying guides outline the benefits and situations that each bark collar is suited to – assisting you choose the right anti bark collar for your dog. While the articles provide information about why your dog barks and fitting a bark collar as well as many other topics relating to dog barking and is regularly updated.

Further to this, you can contact us here at K9 Control by phone or email for assistance in choosing the right bark collar. You can reach us on 0800 144 869. It is important to remember that each bark collar is designed for certain dogs and circumstances, so choosing correctly will maximize your results.

Dog Fence Solutions

Escaping dogs can be a stressful situation for any owner. When dogs get out, they are at risk of being hit by a car or other injury, or picked up by the local animal control service which is often a costly exercise, or they risk injuring other animals or worse still people. To avoid this, you should consider an electric dog fence, designed to keep your dog safely with the confines of your property, even if there is no existing dog fencing in place!
Invisible Dog Fence or dog containment system is just another name for an electric dog fence, as they keep your dog/s safely within a set area without being an eyesore. An electric dog fence is also a cheaper alternative to traditional fencing. This type of dog fencing is easy to install and will stop escaping dogs from trying to dig under, jump or climb over existing fencing. The dog fence is easily installed by either burying the wire or attaching it to an existing fence.

Our dog fence range has dog containment systems to suit a large variety of breeds and temperaments of dog, from the timid and small pet to the stubborn and large working dog. In addition to this, the dog fence selection we have includes models for various sized properties, including the SportDog SDF-100A, which can do up to 100 acres - however, additional wire may need to be purchased, we have them available in a Boundary Kit. To help you work out how much wire you will need for your dog fence and property, please look at this Size of Property and Wire Required Table. You can also have more than one dog in the fence thanks to the additional collars that are available for each dog containment system.

K9 Control carry trustworthy brands like Innotek, PetSafe and SportDOG, our range of electric dog fence all carry a warranty of more than 1 year to give you confidence and support.

We have an excellent article comparing the dog fence systems we carry to assist you with the selection of the right dog containment system for your dog. Other informative articles will be updated regularly on installing dog fences and training etc. A dog fence buying guide also helps in choosing the right escape proof dog fencing for your situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any dog containment questions or need assistance in choosing the right dog fence for your suituation - Ph: 0800 144 869

Dog Training Collar

A dog training collar is a great way to reinforce basic training, recall your dog, maintain control of your dog when out walking and to curb misbehaviour. A dog training collar will allow you to quickly and easily control and modify your dog’s behaviour, and to further the bond between you and your dog. 

Whether it is a King Charles Cavalier or a Huntaway, K9 Control has a dog training collar to suit your dog and your situation. Including a variety of Static / Electric collars as well as a Citronella Spray Trainer.  We choose to only carry trusted brands known for their reliability and strong warranties.
One of the latest dog training collars on the market is the Dogtra iQ Trainer, this dog electronic training collar is great for small to medium sized dogs, with the added benefit of features normally associated with high end remote dog trainers. To assist you in choosing the right remote trainer for your dog, we have set up both Pet Dog Training Collar and a Working Dog Training Collar categories. We also carry all the major brands, including remote trainer by Dogtra, Innotek, PetSafe and SportDog.

For those training working dogs, hunting dogs and service/sports dogs, we offer a wide range of remote dog training systems. The new Dogtra Edge, SportDOG  Sporthunter 1825 and the SportDOG SportHunter 1225 with the ability to expand into multiple dog systems are systems that should be seriously considered for these type of dogs. With proven durability and reliability. The Dogtra & SportDOG training collars are rechargeable and waterproof. This style of remote dog trainer can offer ranges of up to 1.6km, as well as various options for specific dog training.

To help you choose the right remote trainer, we have a number of articles and buying guides which include product information and comparison charts. Whilst the remote training collar article section will provide information about remote training collars and how to best use your dog training collar. Remember though feel free to contact us if you are having any problems choosing the best remote dog training collar for your situation.

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