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1 x Julius K9 ECO Leather Collar - 40mm Width

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Julius K9 ECO Leather Collar - 40mm Width

Julius K9 ECO Leather collars are stronger and more durable than standard nylon collars making them a great choice for everyday pet dog owners (particularly large dog owners) and canine professionals working in demanding conditions. The ECO Leather Collar features soft padding of 4.5mm and has a strap width of 40mm that helps distribute pressure across a larger area on your dog's neck. The collar is available in a range of sizes suitable for medium to large dogs. Please refer to the sizing guide below to determine which collar size is best for your dog.

All collars are handmade by Julius K9 saddlers, are adjustable and have a heavy-duty metal buckle & D-ring. Crash tested to a static load limit above 400kg.

What is ECO leather?

ECO leather is the combination of textile materials and certified leather designed to replicate the look, feel and durability of genuine leather with less impact on the environment. Julius K9 has partnered with the biggest car industry companies for their material goods to make high-quality ECO leather products for dog owners worldwide. ECO leather still maintains the durability and longevity you would expect from a full leather collar.


  • Manufactured from certified leather and high-quality textile materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Gentle on your dog's neck
  • Great for working dogs
  • Heavy-duty metal buckle
  • Heavy-duty metal D-ring
  • Adjustable size
  • Handmade in Europe by Julius K9 saddlers
  • Static load tested to over 400kg

Sizing Chart

How to measure your dog: Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the length around your dog's neck. When measuring your dog, be sure to consider a little bit of extra room for your dog's comfort. Once you have your dog's measurements, refer to the sizing guide below to select the best collar size for your dog. 

Julius K9 Leather Collar Length


Julius K9 Leather Collar Strap Width


Fits Neck Sizes

32cm - 43cm
36cm - 47cm
43cm - 53cm
48cm - 58cm
53cm - 63cm
58cm - 68cm
63cm - 73cm

What's in the Box

-  1 x Julius K9 ECO Leather Collar 40mm Width

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