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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog In Your Yard

Does your dog escape to visit his mates down the road?  Do they escape to chase cars?  Maybe your dog has just jumped the fence and caused havoc on the neighbour’s farm.  The solution; stop your dog from being able to break the boundary of your property, which is sometimes easier said than done. There are many different methods and techniques to keep the escape artists contained; let’s go through your options.

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HoundHouse Dog Kennels Have Just Arrived!

The World's Best Dog Kennel
The HoundHouse Dog Kennel is the world's best dog kennel, and once we go through a few of the features it's easy to understand why.

Dog Kennels are designed for two things; shelter, and comfort.

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Featured Product | SDF-100A Dog Fence

The SportDOG SDF-100A Fence is designed for working dogs, stubborn dogs, and any dog that is medium to large in size. This new SportDog model dog fence will keep your escaping dogs safely on your property. You have the peace of mind in knowing that this dog fence is keeping your dog safe and avoiding costly ranger fines.

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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $100!

From today, all orders OVER $100 will be shipped FOR FREE across New Zealand! Free shipping will be automatically applied at checkout on all bark collars, remote trainers, dog containment fence systems, dog tracking systems, and HoundHouse kennels.

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