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1 x Surface Conductor Grid 24-Hour Contact Pad

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Surface Conductor Grid - 24 Hour Contact Pad

This Surface Conductor Grid Contact Pad is designed for dogs that are 'collar wise'. The contact pad fits on your dog's static electric collar and bypasses the pressure from the 2 contact points to reduce any tissue damage (pressure necrosis) after being worn for an extended amount of time. The contact grid improves the transfer of the static correction to the dog's skin which means you will not need to use higher levels of correction in order for your dog to respond to the correction.

This product is great for any dog that is constantly testing their containment fence boundary. Like regular remote training collars and containment fence collars, you will still need to reposition the collar on your dog's neck every 8-10 hours. If you are using this contact pad with a bark control collar, you will need to remove the collar after 24 hours to allow your dog's skin to breathe.

Please note: Although the 24 Hour Contact Pad allows your pet's static electric collar to be worn for an extended period of time, it is not a product designed for permanent use. Monitor your dog's neck regularly to ensure their neck does not develop irritation. If any signs of irritation occur, remove the collar to allow your dog's skin to breathe for a day or two. This product is not suitable for dogs with thick coats - like other static electric collars, the contact pad needs to be in contact with your dog's skin.

Compatible with the following Containment collars:

-  All Innotek containment fence system collars
-  All PetSafe containment fence system collars
-  All SportDOG containment fence system collars

Compatible with the following Bark Control collars:

-  Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar
-  SportDOG SBC-R No Bark Collar
-  Dogwatch BT-7 No Bark Trainer

Compatible with the following Remote Trainers:

-  All Dogtra remote training collars
-  All SportDOG remote training collars
-  All DogWatch BigLeash remote training collars
-  All PetSafe static-electric remote training collars

*Not intended for continuous use with bark collars

Things to Consider

-  Not recommended for dogs with thick coats. Like all other static electric probes, the pad needs to be in contact with your dog's skin.

-  Although the 24-Hour contact pad is designed for extended use, you will still need to monitor your dog's neck regularly.

What's in the Box

-  1 x Surface Conductor Grid Contact Pad
-  1 x Set of Screw on Insulators
-  2 x Set of Stainless steel threads